COVID Protocols for 2021-22

COVID Protocols for 2021-22
Posted on 08/20/2021

Greetings to all  Noble Local parents and staff!

As you all are aware, we are anxious for our students return on Monday, August 23.  We had a great 2020-21 school year despite the many COVID related "uncertainties" that challenged us all in numerous ways.  Unfortunately, as I write this, we know that COVID, and its "variants" still exist, and require us as a district to establish "protocols" to effectively manage expectations/guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the virus while also providing as much "normalcy" as possible in providing "face to face" learning.

Currently, the Governor has provided us with the flexibility to establish these "protocols" locally without state mandates.  This allows us us to provide choice for all of our residents and students whether  you are vaccinated or not, or choose to wear a mask or not.  As a result, our Noble Local Board of Education approved the following "protocols" for the 2021-2022 school year:

1.  As per the CDC(federal) mandate, masks are to be worn at all times while on "public" transportation, which includes school buses.

2.  Masks are optional at all other times, however we recommend staff and students wear masks when indoors, and/or anytime they are not able to maintain appropriate "physical" distance.

3.  "Remote learning" opportunities provided by Noble Local staff are only afforded to staff and students who are quarantined  (via Health Department), or students receive permission from their individual teacher(s) or instructor(s).

NOTE:  "Remote learning" can take on many different "forms" and look differently in each situation.  When a student, or group of students are sick or quarantined, all parties(staff and students) will meet and discuss how we will best serve those impacted. This could include a number of educational delivery options depending upon internet capabilities, grade level, courses being taught,etc. 

I respect that individuals each have their choice as to whether they will wear a mask or not, or be vaccinated or not.  If your goal is to not be quarantined, get sick, or miss school, then I would strongly encourage you to do one or the other.  Regardless of your choice, however, we will certainly attempt to provide you with the best education possible.

As in the past year please know that dealing with these types of "uncertainties" creates a very "fluid" situation, and creates scenarios where changes can happen suddenly.  I will continue to do my best to communicate any changes as soon as possible, and work collaboratively to find the best solutions possible for both staff and families.  I appreciate your patience and support, and look forward to an even better 2021-2022 school year.  

Go Zeps!

Dan Leffingwell