School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety
Posted on 08/29/2022

Self-Registration Instructions for Noble Local

 Student safety is of the highest importance. School districts go to great lengths to use the safest buses, hire the safest drivers and provide comprehensive training to make the school bus transportation as safe as possible. Another important factor in keeping the kids safe is making sure they know what they should and should not do to stay safe when they are in the danger zones, outside the bus. This subject is so important, that we recommend the students go through a more formal training on school bus safety. The School Bus Safety Company has created training programs that should be presented to the students. These programs can be assigned to teachers to deliver to the students, parents to deliver to the students, or even directed for the student to go through themselves.

 You will need to self-register in order to access the student courses.

 Go to the School Bus Safety Company student training portal login page: and click “SIGN UP” (below the “Login” button).  Then use your NOBLE LOCAL self-registration key:


  • You can also use the quick link here:Noble Local Student Training Site


  • Next you will be prompted to enter some basic information, including a username of your choice and your role (student, parent, or employee). You will use this username to login to the system each time moving forward.
  •  Once you login to the site, you will see a list of courses available.To begin a course, click on the title then follow the prompts.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].